Friday, May 22, 2015

Saying goodbye and saying hello!

 We had Thea for nearly a year..... she was our dear little pussy cat and we got her from the RSPCA at 6 months of age. She loved to be outside but we tried very hard to not let her out (for the toilet) after 6pm as she was tricky to get back in. On this particular afternoon it was about 5.30 and she was keen to get out. I made the call for her to be let out and that she would be fine, we had plenty of time to get her back in....... sadly we couldn't, even the next morning my super man couldn't find her... she hadn't come home!
By 9.15 I had a real urge to go and look again..... calling and shaking her little treat tin..... finally we saw her hobbling at the church next door, trying to get home but not being able to walk well with what looked like a broken front leg. Once we picked her up and carried her home she flaked it in the sun on the mat.... her breathing very laboured..... it didn't look good.
I rang the vet and we were there in the hour. Our amazing vet was totally brilliant, Thea had been hit in the head.... her eyes were of different sizes, she had lost her front main tooth, her front leg was fractured at the shoulder..... she was in a lot of pain..... we had to say Goodbye.......
It was a very hard time for us, especially for Sophia and I, we were hit that day too! There was a hole... a fluffy void that needed filling again...... Sapphire went over and over it, again and again
"Where's Thea?"
"She's gone, she's died!"
"What happened?"
"She was hit by a car!"
"What type of car?" (i love that question, as if there is a type of car that hits cats...
"A fast car" we would reply.

The next day I was chatting to Mum, she's an animal lover too so she got my sadness and emptiness. I told her that we were going to go to the RSPCA to just get a fluffy FIX! She said to me....
"Well you know what Sharn, there is no reason at all to think that the PERFECT cat is there for you all right now, just waiting for you!!!"
WOW Mum, that was pretty huge words but I held onto them, and was excited to see what we might find!
We were only looking at Kittens at my husbands request, he said that he wanted them to grow up with us from the start. Hannah was the first to find "the one" she was a little tortie and quite frankly wasn't the nicest looking.... I didn't feel to "PULL" we kept looking.... after a number of cuddles of sweet little fluffies we went to the final cage.
There was a whole family of kittens... 2 ginger, 1 tortoiseshell and one grey tabby! OH MY I've ALWAYS wanted a silver/grey cat ever since my Petshop days.... He was totally friendly and purry and I was loving him!! HE WAS THE ONE!!
 Introducing Cobweb

Hannah again wanted to tort but we said no, it's this one.... YAY! This was late on Friday afternoon, they were closed on Anzac day and so Sunday we were to pick him up!
So how did we end up with TWO??
Hannah really wanted the other kitten, she kept on about it and how lovely she was.... it was obviously a seed cause then Allan and I started talking about it, I asked friends their advice and by Tuesday afternoon Allan gave us the green light to bring her home! WE HAD FAMILY!! OH WOW SOOOO AMAZING!!!
Brother and Sister
Chokolait and Cobweb

The rest is all pure bliss! They are the most wonderful kittens we have ever had! Thea most certainly paved the way for our family, because of her Esther is now an animal lover, because of her we knew we needed to have another cat after her passing, because of her Sapphire knew how to be gentle and care for pets! It's been the best and we are ALL loving them both soooo much!
Smiles The Torrents'


  1. Such sweet members of your family.

  2. Oh how bittersweet for you all. Wishing you many, many years of wonderful memories with your new furbabies. They look so very cute. Love the cuddly pic. Hugs, Di