Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mummy craft - make your own sarcophagus (Egyptian Unit Study)

One of the most fun Egyptian activities the children and I did was making our own Sarcophagus's!! It took some time (as you will note in the pictures with all the changes of clothes.... in saying that the girls do change at least TWICE a day anyway HEE HEE!!!!) but the end result was totally worth every minute!! I saw the idea HERE. Each of our precious treasures added their own wonderful arty style and learnt loads along the way on how Egyptians bury their dead.
 first you need to trace your body shape
 then you get to paint your main colour and add the finer details
(Sophia is doing her face part first)
 Costume change.... now drawing in the eyes....
 Sophia is helping Hannah with her necklace
(this is a new day with more costumes!!)
 LOVE the stripes Zeke gave his sarcophagus!
 Final details being added, it did get a bit tedious!!

 The finished Sarocophagus'!!!
 Hannah then Ezekiel's
 Sophia's and Esther's (I did the hieroglyphics)
 Sapphire's: made by Mummy!
We are now wrapping up (HEE HE) our Egyptian study but I still have a few more things to show you!!
Until then,
Smiles The Torrents'

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