Friday, February 3, 2012

Planning the year ahead

It's really coming to the time when school is lercking around the corner and the Summer here in Tassie will also soon be over....
I've been sooooo deep in planning the school year for my treasures, yes you read right I wanted to PLAN the WHOLE YEAR!! To adventurous??!!?? Probably but a Mum has to have dreams and goals right??!!
In some way I do have that on paper, but as far as resources and the like and an actual week by week, term by term plan well that still needs refining!
Here is a list of what we are doing this year....

First Term we are looking at the Titanic! It's the 100th year anni in April and so thanks to the very wonderful De'Arn who gave me the idea, I thought it would be perfect to do! I've been searching the Internet for books and the like, this one I especially LIKE.
Maths for Sophia this year will be MEP. Again I was given this idea from another wonderful friend Samantha. The WHOLE curriculum on line FOR FREE just needing to be printed!!
Zeke has chosen to study The Royal family! Well he said "I want to know who sat on the throne first!" So this will be great for a Unit study, History, Culture, Geography etc etc! I'm excited!
Hannah would love to know more about Hip Hop so we will do a mini Unit study on that.
I'm also considering going back to Five in a Row, I love this program when I did it a few years ago (before Esther was born) I really love all the subjects it covers and what the children learn from it, especially the art side, even now they can tell me complimentary colours and cross hatching drawing! Not sure how I will fit that in!!
I'd like to make special time with each child for 30mins on a subject they struggle with. For Hannah this will be Maths. Then in this time I'd love for the other older child to do some fun Maths or Phonic games with Sophia!
Lastly we will still be doing Art, Music and Geography (similar to the Charlotte Mason teachings) and of course copy work, reading, cooking etc!
Man that really sounds like a LOT! As I said it's still in the planning mode, when it's put to the test I'll see how it REALLY WORKS!
I hope that your planning is going great and you're looking forward to kicking off!
Smiles The Torrents's :)

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  1. It looks like you're going to have a busy year! I like the look of that MEP stuff, infact I've printed out the Reception stuff for Emma, I think she'll love it.