Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's the BOOK FOR ME!!!

One of the main struggles since I've started homeschooling is that constant mind battle I have with what other people are thinking about me!!! I know that most of it is all made up in my head, my own insecurities, but there are times when what people simply say, just in passing has lasting ripples in my mind!! I'm not doing a good job, I can't spell well, I don't know maths well, how can I teach ALL my children?? How will I know I'm doing enough!!! The list goes on!!!!!
This brings me to a very WONDERFUL and MUST HAVE e-book that the lovely Jamie from Simple Homeschool is GIVING AWAY!!! SO I'm here to spread the news... the Good news that this is the Book for YOU!!! It's certainly the book for ME and I know that it will help us all!!!!
SO Jump on over HERE to see for yourself and give them some comment love!!!!
Thank you "Simple Homeschool" for the many ways you encourage me each and every post!!!
Smiles The Torrents's

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