Friday, February 3, 2012

Yellow makes me happy!

When Ezekiel went out to feed the chooks this morning he shouted out "Mum the Sunflower is open!" Well we ALL ran out side to see it! I was quite surprised when I saw how little the flower actually was... surely something seeming SOOO giant would be HUGE!
It was sooooo cool, the way we all were there looking at it and then discussing if it would get bigger and by how much!

garden planted 16.11.11


When we planted out our vegie garden (mostly all with seeds this year) somehow this Sunflower seed fell right near the garden gate, and right next to the path! I've been watching it grow for what seems like months, just waiting and waiting for the flower to come out! Today was the day!! YAY!
I'm looking forward to seeing the other little flowers open down the stem, there are sooo many!

I love sunflowers, the yellow and the way they follow the sun, it makes me feel very HAPPY!
Happy weekend to you,
Smiles The Torrents's :)

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