Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter - He is Risen {Poatina Sunrise Service}

  Easter morning! Photo by Sophia
 A NEW day!
(pic by Sharnee)

What an amazing Easter we have had, our first one in Poatina! Good Friday we headed up to the Arts Center for a Prayer vigil from 6-12pm. The children's time slot was 6-7 were we acted out the some of the Easter story. Hannah ended up playing Jesus.
 The disciples gathered around for the last supper, 
"Jesus" saying how one of them would betray him.
 In the garden praying by himself.
 After seeing Pilot (Paul in this case) Jesus had to carry 
His own cross ready to be crucified.

Then today we were up there again ready for the Easter Sunrise, prayer, story reading, breakie and fellowship with other "villagers" which was truly AWESOME!!!!
So to you all I say Happy Easter! He IS RISEN!! (Just like the wonderful illustration Hannah drew in the church today!!)
Smiles The Torrents'

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