Sunday, March 27, 2016

Corn crafts for kids - Husk Doll

With Autumn well and truly here we have been busy with some seasonal crafts together with the Poatina Homeschooling group.
The very sweet Mabel and her lovely Mummy (Mrs Heather Copper from RockSalt Arts
talked us through making a Corn Husk doll! It was really quite tricky for some but with much determination, and a few melt downs we all ended up with a doll. During the "corn" talk we found out HEAPS of fun facts about corn!
Did you know
*each corn silk (that's the hairy bits on the top of the corn) is connected to each kernel! If it isn't pollinated then it wont grow the yummy corn to eat!
* You can drink corn silk tea!
* The male part of the flower is at the top of the corn stalk and the female is the corn silks!
Corn will always have an even number of rows on each cob
*  Corn is a cereal crop that is part of the grass family

 Every bodies wonderful Corn Doll creations!
 Looking forward to our next activity together!! Yay for Homeschooling group!
Smiles The Torrents'

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