Friday, August 15, 2014

DIY Terrariums {perfect party favours for a woodland party!}


Gardening is a whole lot of fun!! There's dirt, there's learning, there's Nature!!
For my birthday back in May (see HERE) I wanted to make for each of my guests something special to take home after my party in the Forest! Terrariums was the perfect gift!! I searched the net for many a design and idea and in the end came up with wanting to make little mushrooms and filling the jar itself with moss and lichen covered sticks!
We went hunting for the moss locally and the sticks too and then with all our supplies gathered got to work on making 15 terrariums!!
The children LOVED it, and Sophia in particular had a real flare for details and adding just the right stick or moss!

We were all sooo excited about the process that we had to make more and so the extras now sit happily on our outdoor table.
I would have to recommend to anyone to give them a try, terrariums really are sooo simple to make and the end results are truly wonderful!
Smiles The Torrents'

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