Friday, August 22, 2014

Cave Painting for kids (History craft)

With a new History curriculum that I've just started with the children (which by the way we are LOVING!!!) We've been looking at the Ice Age and Dinosaurs and Noah and more......
It came to me that for Art this Friday we would make a cave (like HERE) and do some cave paintings!! WOW the children were soooo excited!! That of course makes for a happy homeschooling Mummy!!
 I suggested that they could "draw" under the table, similar to how early man/woman would have done it! Zeke and Sophia jumped in for that..... as did Sapphire, well she jumped on Soph more to the point!!! hee he!
 Sophia's finished cave art
 Zeke's Wolly Rhino cave painting

Hannah went to drawing straight on the "cave" sides.......
A cave being drawn complete with family

To finish their art off I sprayed over their hands to mark it like a signature (saw that idea HERE) The cave is proving to be a HUGE hit, even our new kitten loves the russle of the paper cave walls!! Who would have thought History could be sooo fun!!!
Smiles The Torrents'

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