Friday, December 6, 2013

Virtual Book Club - Karma Wilson {with Bear stays up for Christmas}

 Bear Stays Up for Christmas 
With another wonderful author to focus on this month in the Virtual Book Club I went straight to the Christmas story that Karma Wilson wrote: Bear stays up for Christmas!  I'd not heard of the Bear series before but after reading a few-Bear Snores on, Bear's new friend and the Christmas special the children and I are looking forward to ordering some more and adding to our new collection!!

To have some fun with this book I took inspiration right from the beautiful pictures (that Jane Chapman drew) with Bear at the tree after making and baking lots of Christmas goodies! When taking a closer look you will notice some yummy animal shaped cookies!!
Make up your favourite vanilla biscuit dough and cut out your shapes, then add little chocolate chips to make the eyes and the noses!
 We used a heart for the mouse head and then with a round circle and some rectangle  shapes you can make a bunny! Hannah LOVES chocolate so we added some cocoa powder to some of the dough and so then made a bear, a raven & some very groovy badgers (which Sophia thought up!)
 All of Bear's friends were accounted for!
Top left: Badger, mouse, Raven and wren
Bottom left: Mole, Gopher, Hare and Bear
What a lot of fun the children had creating their little animals! Of course the eating was just as fun with delicious cookies to munch on for afternoon tea!
Smiles The Torrents'

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