Tuesday, December 24, 2013

{DIY} Lego Advent Calendar Day 24 - Santa and his one horse open sleigh!

 It's Santa's BIG night and what Advent wouldn't be complete without Santa!!! Don't forget his sleigh, Zeke has made a one horse open one, especially for him to deliver all those important gifts!!!
Here is what you need:
 Start with the ski's for the sleigh
 Now attach it to the flat pieces....
 NOTE: these are the gold bells on Santa's sleigh!
 The chair even  moves to a more reclined position!!
 Don't forget the pressies and the sack!!
Santa is off and ready!!!! Have a wonderful, peaceful, hopefully long sleep!!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!
One more sleep till it's Christmas day!!!! YAY!!!!!
Smiles and excited giggles The Torrents'

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