Sunday, October 20, 2013

birthday's, BirthDay'S, BIRTHDAY'S!!!

Well as you've just read by the title, it's been all about BIRTHDAY'S here in the Torrents' household in the last 2 weeks! (hence the not hearing from me for ages!!!)
And WOW oh WOW it's been an amazing, exciting, exhausting, wonderful, fun celebration time!!!
Firstly we celebrated Ezekiel's 10th birthday on the 3rd (can't believe our boy is now ten!!)
  Then it was Allan's on the 8th, which was also a big one with him turning 40!!!!
Lastly only 3 days later we celebrated our sweet little Sapphire's FIRST birthday! WOW a whole year old!

SO you have the party prep, the cakes: Car for Zeke, carrot cupcakes for Allan and lastly an elephant cake for Sapphire!! (she loves elephants, it's one of the first animal sounds that she does, even with the arm lifting for the trunk! CUTE!!!) (Zeke's was made by Kim this year, and WOW she super stared with an awesome cake!!!!) Then you have the SURPRISE, the 4 day Bathurst trip which I organised for Allan and his 4 close mates! Man that was HUGE!!! He was totally amazed by it all and had the most fabbo time!!

Back to school was supposed to start in there on Monday but with Allan only getting home late Monday, a book party on Thursday, craft market I was in on Saturday and some prep still needing to be done for my term it meant we had a little extra holiday time!!! Tomorrow we are officially back into it, term 4!
Until next time....
Smiles The Torrents'

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