Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A nest In our garden

I'm loving our garden at the moment, it's full of soooo many of my favourite things. I wanted to show you the birds nest I found! In actual fact a few weeks ago the children and I watched the Mummy black bird put the finishing touches to her nest with paper bark, then we saw her sitting on the nest! It was totally amazing!! Sadly though I think she thought it wasn't a safe place for her babies as I didn't see her anymore. I thought about why she went away.... it was sad to think there might be eggs left in there....... So after a week I pulled out the ladder and let my camera peek in......

This is what I saw when I played back the pictures! Isn't it amazing!?!? WOW those three precious little bluey eggs, just sitting there..... but no Mummy bird to care for them.........

For now we are keeping an eye out for any other birds making their little homes for spring! We watched some Starlings collecting dried grass yesterday for a nest and then saw she flew into the top of the church guttering right next door! Haven't been able to catch a pic of those yet! And some Collared Pigeons keep flying into the Paper bark tree in our nature strip, perhaps their home is in there somewhere! I'd love to see... but for now we will keep watching and learning about the birds that our God has created! AMAZING!!
Smiles The Torrents'

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