Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday, monday

I can honestly say that I really DISLIKE Monday's!!! Allan has gone back to work , the children are all tired after the event's of the weekend and as a result they struggle with listening and generally being "my wonderful children!"
Today however I really tired to have a different attitude! I CONSTANTLY say to Hannah
"change your attitude towards your (very long amount of copy work) and you'll have it done in no-time!"
So I took on my own advice and see what happened.....
Hannah enjoyed making some rather scrummy cookies

Zeke wrote an amazing letter and drew a fabbo picture for his pen pal

Sophia enjoyed going around her art work and adding in some more detail

and Esther loved her FOOD!

I talked lots on the phone to my brother and my dear friend Carli! It was great!! :)

Well if this is what my Monday's can look/feel like then roll on next week! I even did 3 loads of washing and actually put it all away! AMAZING indeed!!
I hope your Monday has had blessings abound!
SMiles The Torrents's

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