Monday, August 8, 2016

Water study for Kids {part 3}

Our last week of the water study here in Poatina saw a field trip to our amazing Sewage Farm! We started at the top of the hill where Hannah told us about the different ways water is collected and natural paths it flows, one way or the other downhill which is called Watershed.

Hannah pointing out The tribes - above us on the mountains - Big River Tribe; below us on the plains - Midland Tribe; Across - Ben Lomand People.
Demonstrating the path the water would naturally run with people on either side of the hill.
We also ran as water drops down the gully, looked at the dam, talked about swales (ditches on contour that hold water and help it slowly soak down through the soil).

The Poatina dam, complete with wonderful wetlands plants!
Found some tracks in the wet clay on the way to the sewage farm! 
This is from a Wallaby (we think!?)
Steve giving us the low down on how the sewage farm works. It is German designed, gravity fed, passive flow system that uses beneficial bacteria and water flow to break down waste.  The Hydro put them in at different towns all across Tasmania. This one is capable for managing 3,000 people's "waste." We only have 100 people in the village at the moment!!

The vintage map of the set up!
So there ends our Water study! We all learnt HEAPS and might I say what a wonderful job Hannah did in informing us all about our water and the wonderful ways God has made things work!
Smiles The Torrents'

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