Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day Craft - getting back into the new school year!

Hello there!! WOW what a new year! Happy Valentine's Day to you all celebrating LOVE and relationships and closeness. We had a lovely day yesterday, making it a family affair with me cooking every one's FAV meal - Roast Chicken with Apple Crumble. YUM!! Then my hubbie and I watched a romantic comedy movie and called it a night! Leading up to Valentine's Day the children and I put together a cute door wreath! I found the idea HERE and with the girls help it was made in just an hour-ish.
 (This photo was taken by Sapphire! She was VERY excited!
 Note my fun, bright necklace, handmade by Sapphire earlier in the day during Maths!
Also note that my son looks like he is in "PHONE" land..... mmmmm)
Sophia got busy covering our "X" in washi tape (Zeke cut out the hug and kiss for us) and Esther, Sapphire and I covered the "O" in crumbled up cardstock that we had spilt to make it thinner! (we couldn't get any tissue paper at our local shop and time was ticking to get it done!! Always a good idea to make do with what you have!!)
We stuck the letters to some ribbon and hung it up!
So with hugs and kisses being sent from our front door (soooo excited that I actually have a front door I can hang stuff off!) we shared the love. Looking forward to sharing more with you all soon, until then
Smiles The Torrents'

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