Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The beginning of another term

We kicked started our last term for the year.... can you believe it!!?? WOW term 4!! There has been much going on with our home up for sale and open homes and viewings and holidays and 3 birthdays in there too!
 So it felt really good that the little girls and I had some special learning time before everyone else was up!! We did some flash cards, magic 100 words - the Golden words Esther is learning and even a spot of nature study! I have these cool maths cards that we also had some fun with.

Of course the older children did eventually get moving so they were doing their spelling, English, Maths and bible verses. After lunch Esther and Sophia had some media time, they are currently watching The Sleeping Beauty Ballet on You tube. Other than a few "moments" during the day it was a pretty great start to the last term of the year!
Hope your school time is going well,
Smiles The Torrents'

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