Sunday, October 26, 2014

Planting Tomatoes

It's officially past Show Day here in Tassie!! Why do you ask?? Well that's when you can be safe (from frost) to plant your tomatoes!! It's taken a little longer than I'd like but yesterday the girls and I planted 4 different tomato varieties which we buy each year from a lovely "older man" that sells them from his backyard!

Esther was the main drive for getting them in NOW but Sophia was keen to help also! Beautiful Sapphire was soooo interested in it all, digging and shaking the dirt in containers and then lastly encouraging the plants to grow.....

I heard her say, (after me telling her she can't pull them out and that we had to wait for them to grow) ... squatting down near it.... "Ready... Steady... GO!!"
Perhaps she thought the little red tomatoes were going to appear right then and there!!!
You gotta love a 2 year old's way of thinking!! Anyway they are in! YAY! Now all we need is some other yummy veggies to get growing, perhaps beetroot and peas and lettuce!A trip to the nursery is soon in order.
Smiles The Torrents'

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