Sunday, January 5, 2014

Water unit study: Shark Experiment

In term 4 we studied water/swimming. Each Wednesday the children and I did an experiment. This one is all about Shark skin! It works A TREAT!!! Love it when they come together!!
Firstly we all sat down and talked about sharks and what we knew about them, then I asked them what they thought shark skin would feel like? It was thought that they would feel smooth! Time to do the experiment! I gave each child some very course sandpaper and asked them to colour all over it in selected shark colours.

Next we took THIS shark picture and placed it down on the table following the 
experiment instructions HERE
I ironed over the paper and when it was done the children got to feel first hand 
(with their very own shark) what their skin really does feel like!!! 
 They were all blown away with amazement!! It was totally awesome!!!  

 Hannah and Zeke also had to label shark parts
Afterwards we cut them all out and added them to our water scene!! YAY for a successful Wednesday science day!! Smiles The Torrents'

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  1. I am so glad you and your kiddos had fun with this experiment! My class always loves it! :) Thank you for sharing, and keep on experimenting!