Saturday, September 7, 2013

Grass heads experiment {for Grassland habitat}

Each week we are looking at different habitats, then on Wednesday we do an experiment for that habitat. I've been really enjoying Wednesdays and seeing how excited my treasures are at the new experiment. Afterwards I get them to write down all the info in a Science worksheet and then they stick the info with pictures in their Animal unit study book. For this week we did some "egg heads" growing grass hair. They all decorated/made their person's clothes, then drew in the face and added the seeds!

Hannah's first, then Zeke, Sophia's & lastly Esther's

The first 3 days of waiting seemed to take AGES for the children, they kept saying
"when is it going to grow?"
Then on day 4 we saw something.........

 then by day 6 they looked like THIS!!!
And now they are well and truly needing a hair cut!!

Sophia announced tonight that she wants to keep hers till next year, then their hair will be all over the place! (I mentioned that we probably won't be keeping them that long.....)
Science has been fun this term!!
Smiles The Torrents'

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