Thursday, May 30, 2013

Star Wars Unit study and a fun Sun craft

For this term we are learning all about STAR WARS!!! The children are having a great time finding out about characters, different types of space craft and have even watched the first (well officially number 4) Star Wars movie. This is how our week unfolds.....
Monday: MUSIC - Look at John Williams and transpose/listen to his famous movie scores. (these include E.T, Jaws, Home Alone etc)
Tuesday: CHARACTER STUDY and STORY WRITING: Children chose a Star Wars character and write about them, including pictures. Write a story (continue to add to it) about your own space adventure.
Wednesday: SPACE study- I have THIS BOOK and we are going through the last section of it. Includes extra activities which is cool!!
Thursday: SPACE CRAFT/ART- learn about the different space craft we have like the Hobble telescope, International space station etc (watch a clip related to it which you can find heaps HERE!)
Look at famous art related to Stars, Moon, night time and do craft.
Friday: WAR/HISTORY - look at Wars from our time and add them to the time line

On Thursday with the craft I've found some great ideas which I've pinned HERE. We've started off by doing a Sun picture (which was something we covered in the Space study)
I got the girls to try and make the solar flares coming off the sun! We used a medicine syringe to "splat" the flares/gas on their suns! Very fun!!

 Now for Esther's turn to make her sun
 Adding the "rays" and now also the solar flares

What are you doing this term? Can you believe how fast the year is flying by??
Hope you're enjoying your school year!
Smiles The Torrents'

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