Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sapphire - 6 months old

Today being the 11th of April means that our sweet little Sapphire Lizzie (as she is affectionately called) is now officially 6 months old! HALF A YEAR!!! WOW what an amazing time it's been..... ohhh how I love our little babies!!! Oh how I love our precious treasure Sapphire! She is now rolling over to the side and sometimes rolls completely over, just begun her first taste of solids (and liking it!) thrives in company, loves to stand and strengthen her leggies! 

Her favourite games are playing aeroplanes, and the blanket game (when we flap the wrap up in the air like a parachute and free fall it over her face) She enjoys hanging out with her cousin Reuben (who is also nearly 6 months, in only 8 more days) and each time they are together they hold hands, it's the cutest thing!!!

 Having some cuddle time with Nanny
these little buddies are so much like twins!! 
They are always doing the same thing, like sucking their fingers!!

Overall she is an absolute delight and we all love her soooooo much!!!
 In the words of Esther "Cute Little Sapphire!"
Smiles The Torrents'


  1. Happy birthday to a beautiful little girl, who is so loved by her wonderful