Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sharnee's Homeschool day in the life (with a 4 month old, 3, 6, 9 and 11 year old)

One of the wonderful homeschooling sites that regularly inspire me and encourage me and generally help me in my homeschooling journey is Simple Homeschool. At the moment they are doing a series (their 3rd annual one) about our "day in the life" so I thought I'd share a bit about our "normal" day with you too!

HELLO! My name is Sharnee and we've been homeschooling for 5 years! I love the Charlotte Mason approach, and Unit studies but find that most of what we do I kind of put together myself, with a bit of this and a bit of that! It's really quite a mix that works for us and me with the mix of ages that we have!
So here is a glimpse of what it's like in our home.....

Wake time: anytime from 6-6.30am (whenever my baby girl starts the day at the moment,) then it's all about Sapphire's needs first. Once she is back in bed I jump into the shower, help Allan with any last minute lunch things, say goodbye to him (leaves by 7.15) then it's onto my other jobs!
Usually that's getting breakie and dressing Esther (the 3yr old) washing (which I only do every second day) starting Monday cause that's our home day.
At the moment we are on Summer holidays but will be starting in just 2 weeks so this is the PLAN of what I'll do (of course now with a new baby thrown in the mix I'm up for flexibility!!)

We start school at 9am! I don't like to be late, sometimes of course this happens if the children have had a big weekend or are not well or the like, but I really like to be started by 9.30/9.45 at the latest!!
Firstly we PRAY! It's the perfect way to start the day! I encourage each of my treasures to either pray or at least give me a prayer point.
Then we read the bible and talk about what we read, learnt or found interesting in the chapter.
Hannah and Zeke then go onto their Maths, Hannah tends to need help here so while I help the older children  I get some colouring/playdough/puzzles/beading/blocks/magnets etc for Esther and Sophia to do (different activity for each day!) We work for 30 minutes then they move onto their other subjects of the day:

Monday: Music, Copy Work, New vocab words, Memory verse for the week,
Tuesday: Unit study (this term it's Nursery Rhymes) Times Tables, and we go out to Bible study.
Wednesday: Garden/Nature journal, Anatomy
Thursday: Times Tables (this time flash cards or games) Art, Diary Writing and then Home Ed group.
Friday: Geography/History, Grammar, Spelling Test, (the words we've been doing all week) Housework, Computer time.
With Sophia (and Esther joins in) we do Maths once I've finished with the older children, then I'll get her to read to me and we go through her list of words, I'm using the Magic 100 words for her. She does violin practise and smaller amounts of the other subjects (listed above) and there is lots of free time, and play time with her new favourite play mate Sapphire and Esther. We also cook a lot together.

By Lunch time the children have (hopefully) finished their schoolwork and while we eat we go outside and I read to them. We've read most of the Narnia series which we are all enjoying HEAPS!
After lunch it's FREE time while I get some time to myself, do more house work, attend to Sapphire again (of course this is all through the day) and perhaps do some "work" things (with my Stampin' Up! business) replying to emails and the like.
At 2pm we come together again for word list and any unfinished work, jobs and tidying up before 3.
3 o'clock is when I'm done and the TV goes on for an hour... YAY! I get more "work" done, maybe make a card, (YAY, YAY!) start tea prep etc.

Like a lot of mum's and stories I've read in the "day in the life of" I too sort out many an argument, prepare LOTS of food, constantly clean up, correct wrong choices, answer HEAPS of questions and ultimately enjoy learning and being on this journey with my precious treasures!!
I never thought I'd be homeschooling for the long haul but the more I do it the more I know that it's the RIGHT way for us-this family and the more I look forward to seeing what's in store in the future!
Thanks heaps for popping in and listening to my story! May this new year 2013 be one of your best yet in your homeschooling family!!
Smiles The Torrents'

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