Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Medieval Craft, the Four All's.

Over the last few weeks the children and I have been enjoying doing some Medieval themed craft. This particular idea I got out of a book called Knights and Castles, 50 hands on activities, which you can buy HERE.
This project was to make the "FOUR ALL'S" of the middle ages. Each of the children chose what theme/scene that they wanted to do and we went from there. Here they are...

 The CHURCH: Hannah did this room, complete with stained glass windows, 
a communion cup and pews. I love the detail to the backs of the pews!

The PEASANT: Sophia's handiwork is here, I love the little nest she put in the tree 
and the wagon and straw that we picked from the bush behind us.

 The KINGS & QUEENS: Ezekiel went with this room, he did all the checkered floor 
and the chose the tapestry design for the castle walls. I helped him with the thrones.
The KNIGHTS: This room was mostly left up to me, Esther did help paint it and 
Zeke made the little Punch art Knights and weapons (very clever!!) 
I found the pictures of the shields and swords from the net and stuck them on the wall.

All in all (he he) I think the children really loved doing this! Not sure where it will go when we've finished but it looks great with the rest of our Medieval study things for now!
Smiles The Torrents'

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  1. Love it!! Looks like so much fun and what a great job Hannah, Zeke and Sophia did!