Friday, April 27, 2012

Our Cute little bunnies and more...

Hello dear friends,
How are you?? We are all fine and wonderful! I know it's been awhile and for that I'm sorry, life here seems to keep moving seemingly slowly but really quite fast!
There is sooo much to share....
1) Our homeschooling is going well, including a Titanic unit study for this term.
2) We have some news.... the end of September, early Oct will bring with it a new addition to our family!
YES we are having another baby!! So excited!!
3) We are currently in the process of putting in a new Wood fire! Been soo cold since putting in the heat pump and mold has seemed to take over too. So we're putting in another wood fire and we can't wait!!!
4) We have NEW PETS!! It's been a LONG TIME since we bought some cute fluffies, in fact about ten years. SO after the loss of out last pet Kaizahn last year we decided that Easter was a GREAT TIME to buy some cute little bunnies!

We wanted to get 2 so they kept each other warm and company! Allan and I knew that we wouldn't be the one's naming them so it was interesting when the children came up with Honey and Spice! LOVE IT!!!
Honey is the grey rabbit and Spice is the Blackish one. Sophia came up with Honey and it just seemed to stick, though Zeke mentioned that she didn't look anything like the colour of Honey! Esther however loved it and instantly kept saying it so it was locked in. After a while of not knowing what to call the other bunny, Zeke went to Google and typed in "Names for black rabbits"
He came up with Soot, Ash, Black Moon, Dark Star, and in there was Spice! I said to him what do you think of that and he decided that it was perfect!! And so it was!
They have grown heaps already in the time we've had them, and they LOVE to get out and have a hop around! It's so wonderful to have pets again!

Well that's it from us, at least for today... I hope to be back sooner this time and appreciate you popping in and saying HI!
Smiles The Torrents'                                           

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  1. Oh my! Congratulations on your exciting announcement! The bunnies are cute as well.